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Should I Send Save the Dates?

Save the Date with Envelope

I see it all the time, Brides and Grooms stressed out about purchasing Save the Dates “in time” because somewhere online said that Save the Dates have to go out before the invitations. But do you even need to send Save the Dates?
Well let me let you in on a little secret….you don’t!
And let’s be frank, there is not one card in an invitation suite that is mandatory. Heck, if your eloping you don’t even need the invitation!  That being said but there is still a lot of confusion when it comes to Save the Dates. So let me put your mind at ease
The easiest way to know if you should send out Save the Dates is to look at your wedding date.
The Wedding Date will be the key element in almost all your decisions for your wedding. Having a date allows you to back into all your deadlines. The first questions from almost every vendor will be, “When is your wedding?”
Here are our suggestions for Save the Dates, based on you Wedding Date
12 0r more months away: We recommend Save the Dates
With this much time until the big day, you may want to send out a Save the Date to your guests so they can pencil your Big Day into their calendar.
6-8 months until the Wedding: We say skip ’em!
You Big Day isn’t too far off!  Save some money and forget the Save the Dates.  BUT, if you have your heart set on sending them, who’s gonna stop you!  ?
5 months or less: Forget the Save the Dates!
If you haven’t already started working with a designer, or picked out your invitations we highly suggest you do this step now.  You ideally want to contact your stationer 20-26 months out from your wedding to ensure you reserve a spot on your schedule, and they can get all the materials in for your custom designs in time for you to send the invitation suites. (If you haven’t chosen a designer and are starting to feel a little overwhelmed, pour yourself some wine and click here to schedule a Free design consultation.)
At the end of the day, whether you send out Save the Dates or not, it’s your Wedding! So do what feels right for you and your fiance.
How far out is your wedding?  Did you send Save the Dates?  We want to know!