4 Things to do before attending a wedding expo that you and your partner should totally do!

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When it comes to Wedding Expos, all the hustle, and bustle of the day can become a blur when you get home. You might forget who was who, what vendors you loved (and those you didn’t) and the name of the cake vendor with the angelic chocolate ganache filling! So making the most of your day (or weekends in bigger cities) is extremely important to get the valuable information you need before attending the expo. Here are 4 things every couple should do before attending a Wedding Expo (plus grab your FREE wedding expo labels to help you out!)

Bring your wedding crew.

There is so much going on during a wedding expo that it is impossible to see all of it yourself. Bringin a crew of people to help you locate vendors, ask questions and collect information is extremely helpful. But you need to make sure that you trust their opinion 100%.

Here are some things to consider before inviting a person to attend a wedding expo with you:
  • Do they totally understand your vision for you and your partner’s big day?
  • Do this person and your partner get along?
  • Will they be 100% honest with you?
  • Can you be 100% honest with them?
  • Does your relationship have baggage that stresses you out?
  • Will they enhance your expo experience?

Check out the vendors who are attending the wedding expo

There are vendors of all types and sizes at expos and some will fit with your overall wedding vibe and some will not. You can weed out vendors that aren’t a great fit and make a list of vendors that you connect with before even stepping foot inside the expo. Instead of wasting time going table to table talking with vendors that either don’t have your style or are out of your price range, you can focus your efforts with the vendors you are really hoping to work with.

Here are some things to consider when reviewing vendor information before the wedding expo:
  • Do you and your partner like the vendor’s gallery and/or Instagram?
  • If pricing information is available, is the vendor’s offerings within your budget?
  • Does their portfolio/website showcase images that are similar to your wedding vibe?
  • What do you think of their website? Does it make you feel like you totally could be wedding besties?

Pick a Date (or at least a time frame)

So this can be a huge factor into which vendors work best for you also. Some vendors are booked solid a full year out. So if you know that you want to get married in the next 8 months, your options may be limited. “When’s the big day?” is one of the first questions I ask couples.

If you are flexible on when your big day can be, your vendor options will definitely open up. But it is still important to at least narrow down your preferences to a season. From florists and caterers to everything in between options are usually seasonally based. We vendors want to provide you with the most accurate information and having a preferred season really helps with that.

Make labels with your wedding info to use at the wedding expo

This is a great hand and time saver! Almost every booth you visit at the wedding expo will want to get your contact information so they can follow up with any questions you asked or provide you additional information. Unless you really like filling out forms (and hand cramps), these labels will be a life-saver.

If you have a printer at home, you can make your own labels before the expo with a click of a few buttons. These Avery labels are the perfect size to fit all the important information about your big day. I even created a quick and easy label template for you to use! Grab your FREE wedding expo labels.

What to include on your labels:
  • Couples’ names
  • Preferred Pronouns
  • Wedding Date
  • Phone Number (and if text)
  • Email
  • Wedding City
  • Colors
  • Estimated Guest Count
  • Wedding Vibe

Be totally prepared for your expo experience

Grab my easy to use wedding expo label creator and get extra tips and tricks on maximizing your day at the wedding expo.

These 4 things to do before attending a wedding expo will really up your wedding planning game. Let me know how it all turned ou!

Comment below tips on how you prepped to attend a wedding expo?