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Not quite ready to book a design consult and just want to shoot your questions over? I totally get it! From advice on the best paper, outside the box invitation requests, pricing questions and anything else you can think of, I will do my best to get you an answer faster than Harry on his Firebolt, diving for the snitch!

office hours

I have office hours Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and this is the best time to give me a call out of the blue and ask your deepest, darkest, invitation questions. If you shoot me a message while I am out of the office, I will get back with you on my next office day!

monday | 9:30 am-3:00 pm est
wednesday | 9:30-3:00 pm est
thursday | 9:30-3:00 pm est

busy schedules

I totally get it, you’re busy and sometimes our schedules don’t quite line up. If you tried booking a design consult and none of the time slots fit into your busy life, don’t panic! Let’s find a time that great for you and your schedule. To set up a special time to chat, completed the form below and I will be in touch to get your special time on my calendar.

frequently asked questions

How far out from my Wedding should I reach out?

The short answer is at least 4-6 months prior to your event. BUT…I always reccomend reaching out when you are booking all your other vendors (florist, photographer, venue, etc.) even if it is over a year out. This extra time will make sure that we have ample time to develop a personalized stationery timeline that works for both of us.

How much should I expect to spend on my invitations?

This is another difficult to answer question and depends on the items you need and any selected upgrades you choose. For more detailed information you can grab a pricing guide here. If you just kinda want a ballpark to help you figure out a budget you can check browse my DIY Printing options here and done-for-you printing bundles here.

Do you have quick ship designs? I need my invitations quick!

Yes I do! Semi-custom designs ship out in 2-4 weeks. Design and materiak availabikity change often, so please reach out using the form above to get info on current availability and pricing.