Behind the Design: Snarktastic | Elegant Wood-Grain Stationery Suite for the Sarcastic Couple

I am super excited about today’s post because this is by far one of my favorite designs. Featuring soft colors and beautiful fonts it is elegant at first glance and then, chocked full of sarcasm. This beautiful wood-grain stationery suite that would make even make Joanna Gaines swoon ( at least I hope it wood! haha…see what I did there!)

Elegant Cool Grey Wood Grain Invitation and RSVP with Save Envelopes featuring calligraphy

hello wood-grain!

When I order paper samples I always try to pick a bunch of new finishes and colors so that I can get a feel for the weight, print ability and actual in-person color. When you are a stationery nerd? (like moi) shopping for paper appears more like my son going down the toy isles in target than an adult looking for paper. There are just so many choices and I want it all!

First of all, I am huge fixer-upper and Joanna Gaines fan (my life needs more #shiplap!) So while on one of my digital shopping sprees, I noticed that Neenah actually offers a Woodgrain finish for their Classic Crest Line. And let’s be real , the only thing better than ship-lap is this friggin’ paper, or at least in this paper passionate princess’s opinion.

I absolutely ? the color grey (like the entire interior of my house is painted grey) so when I saw that Neenah offered their wood-grain paper in grey I totally had to scoop that baby up! So it hopped right into my shopping cart.

Grey Wood-Grain Invitation with Black Calligraphy Styled Font

sometimes simple is best

Not all papers are good for bold, busy designs and for me, this paper definitely fell in to that category. It needed something simple to help make the wood-grain detail become the main statement, so I stuck to the basics and paired it with an elegant black calligraphy style font.

Yes, you read correctly. It’s a font, and a gorgeous one at that!!!

Menu on Woodgrain Paper

light and airy envelopes

I didn’t want to detract from the wood-grain with a bold envelope choice, so I chose the Gmund beauty (featured below) in Sage. The grey/green combo really works together to make this suite a statement of beauty. Being far more elegant than their square counterparts (at least in my opinion) , I opted to use the euro (“pointy” for you stationery newbies) flaps. I find they look quite a bit more elegant than their square counter parts. To keep the wood-grain paper the main focus, I chose not to include an envelope liners.

Wood-grain Stationery Suite full of sarcasm

as full of sarcasm as me

If you have read any of my blog posts in the past, then you may have picked up that I am full of sarcasm as well as super passionate about incorporating personality into your stationery. I really wanted to showcase those two things with this design therefore, the stationery features some very blunt and super sarcastic wordings that really crack me up!

Check out these beauties!


Invitaiton on Wood-grain paper
“Joshua and Erin want you to be at their wedding, because you’re awesome.
So be there…”

website information

Sarcastic Wedding Website Information on Wood-grain paper
“We have a website and it’s kinda cool…”


Program on Wood-Grain Paper
“First we’ll seat our family, Then our entourage arrives
Josh walks in, Erin walks in, we say our super mushy vows
we smooch and then we’ll all party”
Grey Wood-Grain Paper with Sarcastic Calligraphy Styled Font
Sarcastic and Blunt Wood-Grain Stationery Suite

If you are dying to get your hands on this bad boy, then I have some good news for you! This design is now available for purchase in my shop.

Snarkastic | Elegant Wood Grain Wedding Stationery for the Sarcastic Couple

Well what do you think of this unlikely combo? Share your thoughts below!

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