How to Address your Invitations: Without Blowing Your Guest Count

One of the first steps you take when planning your wedding or event is creating your guest list. I mean from intimate soiree to mega-bash, your guest count dictates a heck ton of your vendors (and their pricing). From caterers and rentals to ceremony and reception venues practically ALL THE THINGS rely on your guest count. And one of the most frequent questions I get from my couples is how to address their invitations without blowing their guest count.

Being on point with your addressing is vital to keeping your guest count on track. So today, I’m going to walk you through six common guest scenarios to help you address every invitation with confidence.

The Love Birds

Jennifer and her girlfriend Christy aren’t married, but they live together. You want both of them to attend (because Christy does an amazing Thriller dance) .

Traditional: Ms. Jennifer Frost & Ms. Christy Myers
Modern: Jennifer Frost & Christy Meyers

The Other Half

You are friends with Calvin and have met his girlfriend Patty. As you and your fiance are creating your guestlist they mention that they REALLY don’t enjoy Patty’s Company. Calvin knows several other single people attending your wedding, so you and your fiance decide you aren’t inviting Patty.

Traditional: Mr. Calvin Hobbs
Modern: Calvin Hobbs

The Single Friend

Becky is your best friend from childhood. She’s coming from out of town and you know she won’t know anyone else attending your wedding. You want her enjoy the wedding, not feel awkward being alone, so you want her to bring a guest.

Traditional: Ms. Becky Howe and Guest
Modern: Becky & Guest

Alternatively, if you don’t want her to bring a date (after all, she’s your most awesome bestie and you know she’ll be the life of the party regardless.)
Traditional: Ms. Becky Howe
Modern: Becky

The Family…Part 1

Your friend Arthur and his wife Molly have….well…a lot of kids. Although you love their family dearly, you and your fiance have decided to have a child-free wedding.

Traditional: Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Weasley
Modern: Arthur and Molly

The Family…Part 2

Your brother Chad and his boyfriend Chris have two children (Billy 13 and Renee 7). After talking with your fiance you have decided that since Billy is so mature that you would like him to attend your wedding and reception, but feel that Renee is not quite ready for this epic party you’re planning.

Traditional: Mr.’s Chad and Chris Weekly and Billy
Modern: Chad, Chris and Billy Weekly

The Family…Part 3

Your friends Donald and Daisy have three kids: Huey, Duey, and Luey. They’re practically family and you and your fiance can’t imagine having your wedding without all of them attending.

Traditional: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duck and Family
Modern: The Duck Family

Addressing you rinvitations - Custom Stationery Lincoln NE

Have someone on your guestlist that doesn’t fall into one of these scenarios? Drop a comment below or shoot me an email or DM on Insta. I’m here to take all your stationery etiquette stress away.

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