Business Basics: My CRM Love Affair with Dubsado and Why I made the switch from Honeybook!

Before starting Beauty Bright Design, I was in the corporate realm (and before that the US Air Force) and I specialized in workflow and program development. Which essentially meant I would make step by step processes to help departments run more smoothly and improve the client experience. So, when I first started designing stationery, it was extremely annoying for me to not have any systems or workflows in place (because when you are starting out, it’s not like you know exactly how things are going to flow ?)

After a while, I new I needed something to help my streamline some processes and so I began looking for something to help out! At first that mean using Quick Books Self-Employed, which was great for invoicing and managing my expenses and profits but not great for automating workflows. And then I found Honeybook which at the time was exactly what I needed (at the time…)

My CRM Love Affair with Dubsado

Honeybook brought a new world to my business simple automations, email templates, contract (with legal signatures), it was great…for awhile.

As I grew, so did my want to improve my client’s experience. I wanted to be able to create forms, questionnaires and more with my branding. I wanted to have a portal for my clients where they could access all their projects in one place. And I really wanted to automate #allthethings!

I run a creative business and I wanted to have a creative client experience!

Knock…Knock….Dubsado here to save the day!

I am not sure how to express my love for dubsado other than it’s like a ooey gooey brownie with all the toppings you thought you could ever want, but it keeps regenerating with even more exciting and delicious toppings and it’s completely free of calories!

I think that pretty well summarizes my love….*sighs lovingly with star dream eyes*. . .

Anyway. . .

Let’s dive into a couple of my favorite features that drew me in!

No Time Limit to your FREE Trial!

Yep, you read that right! The team at Dubsado understands that it takes time to know if you like something, so they have a no-time-limit free trial. Your trial gives you full access to all the features Dubsado has to offer for up to three clients! That is amazeballs, because that means you can take your time getting acquainted.

Complex Workflows

The automated workflows in Dubsado are AMAZING! They allow you to create complex, if-then automation for your entire workflow!

What does that mean?


  • Let’s say someone hops on your website and submits a request for pricing information.
  • Dubsado can then send them a pricing guide that is clickable and fillable. The perspective client fills out the pricing guide and selects the services they want and submits the form.
  • The system can then send their contract & invoice and the client signs & pays.
  • Dubsado then uploads your welcome guide, how to videos, client questionnaires and sends the customer an email saying their client portal is waiting for them.

And the best part is all this was done without you doing anything!

Your Brand is Front and Center

You can upload, format and showcase all your brand colors, graphics and fonts with the custom CSS fields in all the forms. This was huge for me! One of my biggest pet peeve’s not having a cohesive brand throughout everything! (don’t look at my early instagram…haha!)


With Dubsado’s white labeling feature, your clients never even know Dubs is helping you out, they just think you’re awesome!

Constant Updates

Dubsado was created by creatives for creatives and they are constantly stepping up their game!

I feel like new features are added every 3 weeks, which for a a massive tool like Dubsado is huge!


It may still be in beta, but Dubsado’s scheduling tool means you don’t need to pay to be able to automate scheduling consults with your clients!! (Although you could if you want to with the embed feature on the forms!)

The scheduler is pretty awesome and allows you to create endless appointment types and can even send forms and reminders. Paired with workflows, automating your business is easier than ever!

My Journey to find the Best CRM for me and whiy Dubsado is my new bestie!

Ready to put your biz on auto?

If you want to try out Dubsado for yourself, here is my affiliate link! Remember you get three for free, so take your time exploring. Oh, and if you fall head over heels madly in love with dubsado like I did, that link
(and this one) will get you 20% off your first month or year!!!

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