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2019 February Freebie – Valentine’s Day Party Invitation Bundle

So before we talk Valentine's Day Party Invitations, I thought this story about my day might give you a laugh. So, funny story... ...I was video chatting with my sister today (while I was putting the final touches on this year's February Freebie!) and I mentioned something about it being Wednesday, well she burst out laughing exclaiming, "Molly, it's SUNDAY!!" Well, not only did I ... Read the Post

How to Address your Invitations: Without Blowing Your Guest Count

One of the first steps you take when planning your wedding or event is creating your guest list. I mean from intimate soiree to mega bash, your guest count dictates a heck ton of your vendors (and their pricing). From caterers and rentals, to ceremony and reception venues practically ALL THE THINGS rely on your guest count. And one of the most frequent questions I get from my couples is how to ... Read the Post