How to Use Trello to Organize Your To Do List & Life.

Hello, I’m Sabra, Molly’s new virtual assistant wizard! Molly and I have been bonding over our love for Trello (and Harry Potter) so she thought it would be a great idea for me to show you how I use it! And let me tell you, I am crazy about my Trello boards! Confession Time: I have 46 Trello board attached to my account. But we don’t need to go through the details of all those boards, many are client board or individual vacation planning boards for the future.

Today, we’re just going to walk through my Home Base boards that I use every day!

How to use Trello to organize your to do list & your life |

My Home Base Trello Boards

So what are my look-at-every-single-day-to-survive boards? Easy! I have four of them!

  • My Ideal Week
  • Grocery List
  • 2019 Goals Board
  • Now, Next & Later

Each board holds a special part of my day! The first board that I check when I start waking up (this is not as I’m getting out of bed, that time is reserved for #mombiemode) is My Ideal Week.

My Ideal Week

Color coded scheduling Trello board with days of the week each having their own theme. Each day has a detailed plan of my daughter's ideal nap times and what I should do during those nap times for my business or home

So the reason this Trello board is named My Ideal Week instead of My Week is that it holds all my hopes and plans for the week, if it were to go completely perfectly. But I am a work from home mom who has a 7 month old daughter. Sometimes, things don’t go perfectly to plan and I have to be ok with that. But in case they do, I have my game plan set up so I don’t get confused on what needs to get done that day when I miraculously do get the baby to nap on time! No time can be wasted when your time is money!

I technically have two copies of this board. One is my sample board that has my general time blocked information in it. That’s the photo of the board up above.

And then I have my actual board. My actual board gets the days list copied to it from my sample board, since that is the basis of how I want my day to go. And it’s easier than just starting from scratch! Once a day is copied to the board that I am actually using, I start adding in the details. What do I need to get done during my work block today? What’s for dinner? Is there anything special I need to clean during my cleaning time block? All the nitty gritty details.

Grocery List

First column is the grocery list that can be color coded by store we usually buy the item at. Next columns are full of recipe cards for dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks. and baby food ideas.

This one sounds like a weird board to look at every day, but it’s honestly so handy! I usually just make sure to fill up the list column as I notice that we need an item, and tag it from the store that we usually get it from be it Amazon, Target, Walmart, or Hyvee. And yes, we are one of those families that will go to multiple stores in a night because one store doesn’t have the exact brand of something that I like. But we usually utilize grocery pick ups to make it easier!

I also then have different meals that we eat commonly or that I want to try out listed in the other columns as well. Under each card, I not only have the link to the recipe if I got it off of Pinterest, but I list the different ingredients needed for that item too. That way I can just transform the ingredients checklist to cards to put on our grocery list when we are making that meal.

Recipe card showing how I list the ingredients needed for each recipe and recipe link included if I got from Pinterest.

I try to go through our general needed items every other day or as I walk through the house to add to the list so that we only have to go grocery shopping once every two weeks. I hate shopping more than that, so doing a quick run through before the item is gone really helps best!

2019 Goals

This is my newest Trello board this year and I am already loving it! Ever heard of the Powersheets? As much as I love them, I just can’t get myself to use paper that often. I kept telling myself that I need a digital version of them. So I created my own!

My first column contains my top ten goals of the year along with colored labels of what part of my life those goals pertain to. Then, by month, I break down mini goals that will help me get to those major goals. My monthly mini goals then get a checklist of the things that I need to do daily and weekly to get to those monthly goals.

First column lists my main goals for the year. Color coded by the section of my life they represent. Then each column is a month of the year with mini goals that I need to achieve for the month to grow towards the main goal of the same section.

Now, Next & Later

This board goes almost hand in hand with my 2019 goals board. It’s for brainstorming or quickly writing down the details to a great idea that I had. I can then organize it by priority. Is it something that pertains to my current goals? Do I need to put it on the backburner for next month? Next year? Is it something that I possibly would like to do? Basically, its the board of all of my hopes and dreams. These can be business ideas, ideas of things to do with my family, or skills that I want to learn! That way, instead of them always running around my head when I need to focus somewhere else, I can write them down quick and move on to what I actually need to get done!

Now this is a board that I can’t show off since it has all my best ideas, but it’s the simplest to copy! It has three columns. Now, Next and Later. As I did with my 2019 Goals board, each card is then color labeled by what area of my life it effects. And I prioritize where it needs to be in my to do list from there!

How to use Trello to organize your to do list & your life |

Get Yourself Organized With Trello!

Trello is seriously the best organizational tool I have ever found. I really wish it had been around when I was in college to have kept me better organized! And it’s so much better for the environment than using millions of scraps of paper. So to get you started with Trello, I’m including a free and clear 2019 Goals Board for you to fill out! Just make sure to follow the instructions in the beginning of the board before you start using it!

How to build a mood board Pinterest Style by Beauty Bright Design
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A glimpse into organizing your life with Trello board provided by virtual assistant, Sabra.

How To Build a Mood Board Pintrest Style

A mood board sets you up for an entire project. It connects your thoughts, not only through color, but feelings and feel of the project, which if you are on this blog is most likely your wedding or party! How do you want people to feel about your even? Do you want people invited to feel the luxury? To be able to let their hair down? Or maybe just feel your personality shine through every detail? The best way to get all your details in place is to start with a Mood Board!

How to Build a Mood Board Pinterest Style

A mood board can be just as easy or complicated as you want to make them. But today, I’m going to show you how I make the easiest one of all. A Pinterest style mood board.

What do you need to get started? Just a Pinterest account, and maybe an idea or two.

Let’s get our board set up before we start pinning. Boards? Yes! Multiple boards! Don’t worry, these can all be secret or easily deleted if you don’t want to clutter up your Pinterest! I start with three boards.

  • “Event” – General Ideas
  • “Event “- My Favorites
  • “Event” – We Have A Winner!

Now let’s break down how you are going to use each board!

General Ideas Board

I always start my mood board with pinning anything that gives me the feeling that I want to portray with my event. That can be certain colors or maybe you already have a theme in mind. Let’s say I was going to re-plan my wedding, the first word that pops into my mind would be rustic.

So I would start by typing rustic weddings into the search bar and pinning anything and everything that captures my eye! But I try not to go too crazy. Do not spend more than an hour or two combing through everything you can find on Pinterest. Promise me, it will just overwhelm you and you will want to be done before you’ve even started planning the details.

Pinterest Mood Board full of nerdy and rustic wedding ideas.

See my full example board here!

Favorites Board

Once you have a decent amount of pins relating to your theme, that’s when I go back to my board and get more specific. What ideas do you just absolutely love? What ideas can you leave behind? Are there a few pins that give more of the ambiance that you want there to be? Some photos that reflect a softer theme? Or one that brings it to full light? Maybe there are a few pins that have an interesting variety of colors that you think you would like to focus on. Move those to your favorites board!

Then go on a pinning spree again. If you couldn’t narrow down a single aesthetic in your favorites board, make a few extra boards! Option 1 and Option 2. I do suggest not going past more than one or two different options as you are trying to narrow these down now. And then start selecting pins that are more in the color scheme of your favorite pins. Decoration ideas in that color scheme.

Wait, didn’t I say there were three boards?

We Have a Winner Board

And this means we’re culling your mood board again! Choose only one of those option boards. Then, choose only 8 or 9 photos that truly reflect your event. Pin these to your final mood board. And now, for the fun of it, you can rename this final board. Mine would probably be something like “We’re Getting Hitched.”

Finishing Touches

Now, have some fun with it. Take a screenshot of your creation and put it as the background of your phone. Add the photo to any area where you are keeping your event planning information so you always have your mood board for inspiration.

Enjoy it!

Bonus points: Find a song that gives you the same tone as your mood board!

How to Build a Mood Board Pinterest Style

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How to Address your Invitations: Without Blowing Your Guest Count

One of the first steps you take when planning your wedding or event is creating your guest list. I mean from intimate soiree to mega bash, your guest count dictates a heck ton of your vendors (and their pricing). From caterers and rentals, to ceremony and reception venues practically ALL THE THINGS rely on your guest count. And one of the most frequent questions I get from my couples is how to address their invitations without blowing their guest count.

Being on point with your addressing is vital to keeping your guest count on track. So today, I’m going to walk you through six common guest scenarios to help you address every invitation with confidence.

The Love Birds

Jennifer and her girlfriend Christy aren’t married, but they live together. You want both of them to attend (because Christy does an amazing Thriller dance) .

Traditional: Ms. Jennifer Frost & Ms. Christy Myers
Modern: Jennifer Frost & Christy Meyers

The Other Half

You are friends with Calvin and have met his girlfriend Patty. As you and your fiance are creating your guestlist they mention that they REALLY don’t enjoy Patty’s Company. Calvin knows several other single people attending your wedding, so you and your fiance decide you aren’t inviting Patty.

Traditional: Mr. Calvin Hobbs
Modern: Calvin Hobbs

The Single Friend

Becky is your best friend from childhood. She’s coming from out of town and you know she won’t know anyone else attending your wedding. You want her enjoy the wedding, not feel awkward being alone, so you want her to bring a guest.

Traditional: Ms. Becky Howe and Guest
Modern: Becky & Guest

Alternatively, if you don’t want her to bring a date (after all, she’s your most awesome bestie and you know she’ll be the life of the party regardless.)
Traditional: Ms. Becky Howe
Modern: Becky

The Family…Part 1

Your friend Arthur and his wife Molly have….well…a lot of kids. Although you love their family dearly, you and your fiance have decided to have a child-free wedding.

Traditional: Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Weasley
Modern: Arthur and Molly

The Family…Part 2

Your brother Chad and his boyfriend Chris have two children (Billy 13 and Renee 7). After talking with your fiance you have decided that since Billy is so mature that you would like him to attend your wedding and reception, but feel that Renee is not quite ready for this epic party you’re planning.

Traditional: Mr.’s Chad and Chris Weekly and Billy
Modern: Chad, Chris and Billy Weekly

The Family…Part 3

Your friends Donald and Daisy have three kids: Huey, Duey, and Luey. They’re practically family and you and your fiance can’t imagine having your wedding without all of them attending.

Traditional: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duck and Family
Modern: The Duck Family

How to Address your Invitations: Without Blowing Your Guest Count


Have someone on your guestlist that doesn’t fall into one of these scenarios? Drop a comment below or shoot me an email or DM on Insta. I’m here to take all your stationery etiquette stress away.

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