The Single Most Important Step When Booking Your Vendor

When wedding and party vendors get together, we are always dreaming up new ways to wow your socks off and bring you bomb ass designs.

But, sometimes, we also talk about what we wish our clients knew BEFORE they started planning their big event. This week I am talking about THE single most important step you can take when booking your vendors, and it happens to also be the #1 thing you vendors wish you knew!

The Single Most Important Step When Booking Your Vendor

What vendors want you to know…

So here is the thing, a vendor’s calendar is limited to a select few dates a year (…which sucks we know!) We totally wish we could take on every wedding, shower, birthday or whatever else that comes along, but it’s just not humanly possible.😞 So that means, that dates get booked up extremely fast and really early!

Case and Point…

While at the Pittsburgh Wedding Expo (November 2018) I met with hundreds of couples looking for vendors for their 2020 (and some 2021) weddings. They were 18-24 months from their wedding and already booking vendors! So, that meant that couples with short engagements, who were trying to book vendors for their 2019 wedding, were stuck with leftover dates from couples with longer engagements who had booked 12+ months prior!

Crazy right?

So the most important thing…

Book early!

The single most important step in booking your ideal vendor is to book them early!

….like way early

…like picked a date for your epic bash and five minutes later you’re calling to schedule consults with your dream vendors early.

And remember, there is no such thing as too early, only too late!

So when is the best time to book me, your wedding stationery designer?

Excellent question! So you have seen my Bea-YOU-tiful work and want your stationery to look just as good, let me tell you how!

Ideally, I want to start hearing from you as soon as you select your date! Usually this tends to fall at about a year out. But as I stated above, the sooner the better!

If you are a calendar person who adores knowing exact timelines, here is my perfect and ideal timeline to get started on your stationery!

14 Months Out from Your Wedding

Start talking about Save the Dates. You know, the things that let everyone know that there is going to be a big event and if they need to take leave/travel, start planning now! Aren’t sure if you even want to send save the dates? Check this post out for your answers!

8-6 Months Out from Your Wedding

It’s time to get a moving on your invitations! 6 months is the absolute minimum that I want to hear from you for your custom wedding invitations! It isn’t because I’ll hate you if you contact me after this time, but this gives us THE PERFECT timeline to get your stationery EXACTLY the way you want it and printed and all pretty!

Ready to jump all in? Fill out this form to get started!

Eh, I need just a few more details!

No problem!

Check out my process to your dream stationery, here.

Check out my gorgeous work, here.

And meet your designer by gong here.

The Single Most Important Step When Booking Your Vendor
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Woman standing holding a present with words saying how much diy life is too much for me
Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding Styled Shoote

Easter Egg Hunt Invitation Free Printable

Well Spring is here and the snow is gone (well mostly) and it’s time for hunting for eggs and an unusually large bunny to traverse the globe in one night!  When I was I kid, it was always a blast to get together with friends and family and have a epicly huge easter egg hunt. So this month’s freebie is an easter egg hunt invitation!

Easter Egg Hunt Invitation Free Printable

behind the egg hunt

Lately, I have been reading a lot of Eric Carle books to my son
(if you’ve read the The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Brown Bear, Brown Bear, then you know Eric Carle!) and it left me feeling really inspired to create a design with a “tissue paper” effect.

This invitation features colorful eggs piled on top of each other, just slightly covering the eggs next to it and has been paired with casual but fun fonts. This Egg Hunt Invite will be an egg-cellent addition to your festive day.

party inspiration

Planning a party can be a lot of fun, and east egg hunts are no exception! You can check out my Easter egg hunt party inspiration here!  Filled with loads of ideas for food, activities and this board will totally help you prepare for your bunny bash.

must watch easter movies

You probably have seen Santa Clause is Coming to Town and probably Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, but have your ever seen Here Comes Peter Cottontail?


Oh Mylanta!

Having watched this movie a million times, it isn’t really easter without it and has become one of my favorite holiday movies! Plus who doesn’t love claymation?

You can watch it here for free on youtube! (If you really just want to buy it you can find it on amazon here, it’s NOT an affiliate link. I just like the movie and think it’s not well known.)

You can watch it here for free on youtube! (If you really just want to buy it you can find it on amazon here, it’s NOT an affiliate link. I just like the movie and think it’s not well known.)

Easter Egg Hunt Invitation Free Printable

don’t forget your free egg hunt invite!

Grab your ready to print easter egg hunt invitation by entering your email below! Once you submit the form, keep any out on your inbox for an email from me with instructions on how to download your egg hunt invite!

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How To Build a Mood Board Pintrest Style

A mood board sets you up for an entire project. It connects your thoughts, not only through color, but feelings and feel of the project, which if you are on this blog is most likely your wedding or party! How do you want people to feel about your even? Do you want people invited to feel the luxury? To be able to let their hair down? Or maybe just feel your personality shine through every detail? The best way to get all your details in place is to start with a Mood Board!

How to Build a Mood Board Pinterest Style

A mood board can be just as easy or complicated as you want to make them. But today, I’m going to show you how I make the easiest one of all. A Pinterest style mood board.

What do you need to get started? Just a Pinterest account, and maybe an idea or two.

Let’s get our board set up before we start pinning. Boards? Yes! Multiple boards! Don’t worry, these can all be secret or easily deleted if you don’t want to clutter up your Pinterest! I start with three boards.

  • “Event” – General Ideas
  • “Event “- My Favorites
  • “Event” – We Have A Winner!

Now let’s break down how you are going to use each board!

General Ideas Board

I always start my mood board with pinning anything that gives me the feeling that I want to portray with my event. That can be certain colors or maybe you already have a theme in mind. Let’s say I was going to re-plan my wedding, the first word that pops into my mind would be rustic.

So I would start by typing rustic weddings into the search bar and pinning anything and everything that captures my eye! But I try not to go too crazy. Do not spend more than an hour or two combing through everything you can find on Pinterest. Promise me, it will just overwhelm you and you will want to be done before you’ve even started planning the details.

Pinterest Mood Board full of nerdy and rustic wedding ideas.

See my full example board here!

Favorites Board

Once you have a decent amount of pins relating to your theme, that’s when I go back to my board and get more specific. What ideas do you just absolutely love? What ideas can you leave behind? Are there a few pins that give more of the ambiance that you want there to be? Some photos that reflect a softer theme? Or one that brings it to full light? Maybe there are a few pins that have an interesting variety of colors that you think you would like to focus on. Move those to your favorites board!

Then go on a pinning spree again. If you couldn’t narrow down a single aesthetic in your favorites board, make a few extra boards! Option 1 and Option 2. I do suggest not going past more than one or two different options as you are trying to narrow these down now. And then start selecting pins that are more in the color scheme of your favorite pins. Decoration ideas in that color scheme.

Wait, didn’t I say there were three boards?

We Have a Winner Board

And this means we’re culling your mood board again! Choose only one of those option boards. Then, choose only 8 or 9 photos that truly reflect your event. Pin these to your final mood board. And now, for the fun of it, you can rename this final board. Mine would probably be something like “We’re Getting Hitched.”

Finishing Touches

Now, have some fun with it. Take a screenshot of your creation and put it as the background of your phone. Add the photo to any area where you are keeping your event planning information so you always have your mood board for inspiration.

Enjoy it!

Bonus points: Find a song that gives you the same tone as your mood board!

How to Build a Mood Board Pinterest Style

Eager for more? Check out my post where I answer The Knot’s 10 Questions to ask your Stationery Designer here

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