The Anatomy of a Stationery Suite: A breakdown of #allthethings You Absolutely Need (and Some Things You’ll Just Want)

The possibilities of what CAN go in an invitations suite is pretty much endless. And that can make the decision of what to choose extremely daunting if you aren’t quite sure what purpose any of cards actually have. So today I am breaking down the anatomy of a wedding stationery suite and what it all means. Plus, you can download my wedding stationery checklist to make sure you have all your boxes checked!

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There are really only two pieces that I genuinely feel MUST be included in an invitation suite.

The Invite

Invitations are hands down the most important part of the invitation suite and actually serve a couple of different purposes. The most obvious of which is telling your guests when and where the wedding will take place. But I didn’t have to tell you that ?!

But did you know that your invitation actually is providing your guests with an introduction to your wedding vibe?

The style of your invitation actually tells your guests a lot about what to expect when they arrive for your wedding. For instance, a casually worded invitation suite printed on kraft paper and tied with beige lace may tell guests that you are having a more casual affair. Guests who receive this elegant and quaint invitation suite might wear more casual attire and anticipate buffet styled foods. Whereas a gold foil acrylic invitation laying in an upholstered invitation box lined with crushed velvet may leave your guests expecting a more formal affair. If a guest were to receive this high-end stationery suite may choose to wear formal attire and anticipate passed hors d’oeuvres and a plated meal.

Talking over your wedding vibe and guests experience with your stationery designer will help you make sure you are sending the right impression to your guests!


RSVPs are the red headed step child of the stationery game and the bane of most engaged couples and party planners existence and can be a huge point of contention about the best means to send them. But in the end, RSVPs are extremely important in making sure you have an accurate headcount for your wedding.

Here are a couple extra things you can request on your RSVPs are:

  • Preferred Pronouns (I highly encourage this, please don’t assume a guest’s gender.
  • Dietary Restrictions/Allergies (Also a very important request!)
  • Meal Preferences
  • Song Request
  • Favorite Ice Cream
  • Favorite Superhero
  • and so much more depending on your wedding’s theme

I suggest at the very least to send physical RSVPs for your wedding. If you really feel are leaning more towards using only your wedding website, check out my post about the pros and cons of the digital RSVP here.

Cards You May Want in Your Invitation Suite

Although the items on this list are in no way requirements, they add extra information that your guests may find super helpful.

Hotel Accommodations – This is one of the most popular additions to stationery suites. Whether you have a lot of guests from out of town, or you are having an open bar and want guests to be safe, suggesting a hotel that is close to your reception venue can be a huge help to your guests.

Bonus: Don’t forget to check with the hotel to see if you can arrange for a block of rooms to be set aside for guests. Sometimes you can even arrange a discount!

Wedding Website – If you don’t have quite all the details mapped out yet, but want to keep your guests in the loop this is the perfect option for you. Give your guests access to all the details and even allow them to RSVP online.

Wedding Party Itinerary- Keep your wedding party in the loop, especially if you need them to arrive a day or two early. This will help them better plan how they can help you out on your big day!

Map of Local Hotspots – Providing your guests with a couple of your favorite spots around town is always fun! This gives guests an idea of where to head for food, drinks or just some fun on the town.

Welcome Brunch/Wine Tasting – Sometimes couples decide to host a special night to spend with out of town guests they don’t see very often. This gives the guests extra time with you and your partner and makes them feel extra special.

BONUS: Kick your Invitation Suite up a Notch!

There are a heck ton of different ways to kick your stationery up a notch and adding these kinds of details are the pièce de ré·sis·tance. So, if you really wanna wow your guests add one (or a bunch) of these touches.

Working on a tight budget? Talk with your invitation designer to see what options will give you the most bang for your buck. Many designers include several of these extras in their standard stationery suite offerings. (The items with hearts next to them are the ones that I include in all my done-for-you printing custom stationery bundles ?.)

  • Envelope Liners ?
  • Belly Bands or Ribbon ?
  • Invitation Boxes
  • Vintage Postage
  • Charms
  • Wax Seals

PRO TIP: Want to DIY your wedding stationery like a pro? Or maybe you’re considering becoming a Stationery Pro yourself? Then you need my #1 Stationery Resource and the best community of Stationers around! It is filled to the brim with A+ vendors that specialize in stationery and help designers and Artists curate unique designs and high-quality products.

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In this week's post I break down what you need in your stationery suite and some things you may just want to add.