2019 February Freebie – Valentine’s Day Party Invitation Bundle

So before we talk Valentine’s Day Party Invitations, I thought this story about my day might give you a laugh.

Conversation Heart Valentine's Day Party Invitations in 4 Color Variations - Free Download

So, funny story…

…I was video chatting with my sister today (while I was putting the final touches on this year’s February Freebie!) and I mentioned something about it being Wednesday, well she burst out laughing exclaiming,

“Molly, it’s SUNDAY!!”

Well, not only did I realize that today is Sunday, not Wednesday…but it is also February, not January…? (Life with a toddler can really make you loose all sense of time.)

Anyhoo…Now back to our regularly scheduled post.

In my ranking of super awesome holidays, Valentine’s Day is a solid #3. (If you were wondering #1 is Halloween, cause who doesn’t like black, orange and all things spooky. And #2 is Christmas because…well duh…cookies, carols and holiday cheer!!!.) When I was brainstorming your February Freebie I wanted to do something that was a little bit different, but still very Valentine’s-y. And screams Valentine’s Day more than Conversation Hearts?!? ???

2019 February Freebie - Valentine's Party Invitation by Beauty Bright Design

I couldn’t decide which color combo I loved the most, so I decided to share them all!

If you are like me, lost track of time and need to plan your party in a pinch check out my Valentine’s Day Party Inspiration Board for some Party Planning ideas that will make your party a hit!

So grab your Valentine’s Day Party Invitation Bundle and Enjoy!

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